Thesis Done

By: okitapieds

Nov 28 2016

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On October 11, 2016, I successfully defended my thesis, Chronology and Acculturation in the Choctaw Homeland, 1650-1850. I felt a great weight was finally off my shoulders after Janet told me that the committee decided to pass me on my defense. I had actually begun graduate school in January 2008, and I got through many of my classes with few problems within 2 years. I then was diagnosed with lupus in May 2009, and the trouble began after that. I got a bill trying to hurry and get stuff finished in a hurry and that caused me to have to not have classes for about 3 years. I finally paid my bill off and was readmitted in 2014 and I have been working on it ever since. It has been 2 and a half years more or less since I have been readmitted and it’s been crazy ever since to actually finish. Most of the problem is that the data has not been well understood up until now, but I think I was able to get through that problem pretty well.

I have to admit that I have alot of questions in my head about my life. Like why do I have a serious disease like lupus when I’m considered to be so smart? Why do I have so many bills and no way to readily pay them off? Why do I have to live with my parents? Why have I been unable to find a truly suitable soulmate when I am supposedly good-looking? Why am I jobless? All these questions linger in my mind, some of them for years. The questions are made worse by my isolation and loneliness. I want to find love with geeky white girl that lets me play with her feet and likes to talk about books with me. I have found a few like that, but they don’t live near me and most don’t want to chance a long-distance relationship ugh. I think part of it is that we are all over 30, so it’s not like we aren’t used to prolonged singleness by now.

The 6 years of thesis-writing have had at least one good result. I had to stop and keep looking at my data repeatedly. As a result of doing so, I was able to find that the history recorded by the French records that they built 4 trading posts/forts within the Choctaw homeland after 1728. I also found that archaeologists definitely located one of those four trading posts, Fort Tombecbe.  A second trading post, the Jesuit mission in the village of Chickasawhay, may have also been located by archaeologists in 1985. I hypothesized that an assemblage that was collected from a site in Clarke County in Mississippi includes a few artifacts that indicate that is is the location of the Jesuit mission because it included hand-wrought nails, cow bones, and faience, which are all rare in the Choctaw homeland. I am very happy to have recognized that evidence, so I think in a way it is good it took me so long to actually finish. The thesis itself should be available online so people can read it at their leisure. Next, I would like to find the site of the trading post/ fort that was built in the village of Yowanni and  I will try to post about that if I can.

I also plan to go ahead and post a small poetry book. It will include at least 27 poems that I have written over the years to different girls. A few of them were written about my friend Ashley, and I actually let her read the poems. She liked them, but I did not tell her that a few of them are based on her. Well how I see her. I am trying to decide if I want to actually tell her that. Hopefully though I will end up making money on this book later on.